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Medical Access Insurance – Immediate Access to International Healthcare

Canadians want the ability to manage their own health care and make their own choices based on their personal needs and preferences. Medical Access Insurance is designed to provide the insured with the best possible options when facing a medical crisis. It provides international medical access to the top doctors, surgeons and facilities, and offers both financial protection and emotional support resources throughout one’s journey to recovery.

Available as an employee benefit program or on an individual basis. Various carriers, benefit options and rates are available. Please contact Hamilton + Partners for further information.

Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service - Immediate Access to
Diagnostic Tests (MRIs & CTs)

Canadians are facing unreasonably long wait times to access even the most basic medical services. In October 2007, the Fraser Institute reported medical wait times in Canada had increased by 97 percent between 1993 and 2007. These wait times are consistently and significantly longer than physicians feel are clinically reasonable. This service ensures that correct diagnosis and treatment plan options are identified in days or weeks instead of months, by providing immediate access to diagnostic testing and other medical resources.

Available as an employee benefit program, this service covers employees and their families and offers employers financial protection against disability. Please contact Hamilton + Partners for further information.

For a customized solution, please contact:

Craig Robillard

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